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  • Evolutionary dynamics of cooperation and cheating in insect societies
  • Introducing evolutionary ecology into random search problem
  • Robo-inspired biology: understanding social life through robot swarms
Cheater (right) and worker adults of P. punctatus
The ant-mimicking swarm robot system ARGOS

Selected publications

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  1. Mizumoto N§, Dobata S (2019) Adaptive switch to sexually dimorphic movements by partner-seeking termites. Science Advances 5 (6): eaau6108.
  2. Fujisawa R*§, Ichinose G*, Dobata S*§ (2019) Regulatory mechanism predates the evolution of self-organizing capacity in simulated ant-like robots. Communications Biology 2: 25.
  3. Mizumoto N§, Abe MS§, Dobata S§ (2017) Optimizing mating encounters by sexually dimorphic movements. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 14 (130): 20170086.
  4. Dobata S§, Tsuji K (2013) Public goods dilemma in asexual ant societies. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 110 (40): 16056-16060.
  5. Dobata S§ (2012) Arms race between selfishness and policing: two-trait quantitative genetic model for caste fate conflict in eusocial Hymenoptera. Evolution 66 (12): 3754-3764.
  6. Dobata S§, Tsuji K (2012) Intragenomic conflict over queen determination favours genomic imprinting in eusocial Hymenoptera. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 279 (1738): 2553-2560.
  7. Dobata S§, Sasaki T, Mori H, Hasegawa E, Shimada M, Tsuji K (2011) Persistence of the single lineage of transmissible “social cancer” in an asexual ant. Molecular Ecology 20 (3): 441-455.
  8. Dobata S§, Sasaki T, Mori H, Hasegawa E, Shimada M, Tsuji K (2009) Cheater genotypes in the parthenogenetic ant Pristomyrmex punctatus. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 276 (1656): 567-574.